How to Play ‘Asshole’ – Best Drinking Card Game Ever

How to Play Asshole Drinking Game

How to play Asshole drinking game

Asshole is a fun game to play if you to just want to play cards and drink. The play goes around the player circle until only one player is left with cards. The first player to rid all their cards is President and the last player left holding cards is the Asshole.

Set up:

1. The players sit around a table and the Asshole shuffles and deals the cards in a clockwise direction starting with the President until all the cards have been dealt.
2. To determine who will be Asshole for the first round, everyone picks a card from the deck and the lowest card is Asshole.

Game Play:

1. The player on the dealer’s left begins by laying down single or multiple cards in the center of the table. (multiple cards are doubles, triples and quadruples)
2. The next player to the left will then lay down any card(s) with an equal or higher value, laying down an equal value card will skip the next player.
3. Any player may say ‘pass’ to pass their turn to the next player. Note: any player that passes their turn must take a big sip of their drink.
4. The first player to lay down all their cards is the President.
5. The last person left with cards is the Asshole.
6. The highest, most powerful card is the 2 (the deuce) following by the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and so on. Example: If a player lays down a 5 then the next player may lay down a 5 or higher.
7. Single cards on single cards, doubles on doubles. Example: If a player lays down a 5 then double 6’s may NOT be laid down. The double 6’s have to be broken up if you want to lay down a single 6. Also, a single 6 may NOT be laid down on double 5’s.

Special Card Rules:

The 2 card (deuce) is the “sweep” card. When a 2 card is put down the pile is swept away by the Asshole and the player that put down the 2 card can start the round again.

The fourth card is the “social – everybody drinks” card. Meaning: If four players put down a 9 card in a row, the fourth player to put down the fourth 9 calls a “social” and everybody must drink. Also, If two players puts down a pair of Jacks, the second player to put down a pair of jacks calls a “social’ and everybody drinks.

Laying down an equal card to the prior card will skip the next player. The player that is skipped has to drink.

The Ranks:

President – The winner of the previous round can make any player drink at any time and as much as the president chooses.
The President adds a new rule to the game and this new rule will stay in effect until a new President decides to remove it.

Vice President – The second player to get rid of all their cards can make every palyer of less rank drink at any time.

Secretary of State – The next player to get rid their cards.

(And so on, make up your own ranks)

Asshole – The last person left holding cards. The Asshole is the slave who shuffles and deals the cards. The Asshole also refills drinks at any player’s request. The Asshole must drink when told or you will be forced to chug.

Note: After ranks are assigned the seating is rearranged. The President does not have to move, the Asshole sits to the right of the President, the VP to the left of the president and the Secretary of State to the left of the VP. And so on.


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How to Play ‘Asshole’ – Best Drinking Card Game Ever

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