Pictures of The Human Tapeworm Diet

Pictures of The Human Tapeworm Diet

Picture of Human Tapeworm Diet

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The Human Tapeworm Diet is Dangerous

The human tapeworm gets ingested and could run havoc to your system and make you really sick and quite possibly die. Anyone who purposefully ingests tapeworm larvae is irresponsible and should be ashamed. The following are some pretty gross pictures of tapeworms in humans. These pictures should convince you not to do the tapeworm diet, if not, I hope you die !!

WARNING: The following human tapeworm pictures and video are disgusting and could make you throw up.

Picture of Human Tapeworm in Colonoscopy Video

Picture of Human Tapeworm

Picture of Human Tapeworm

Picture of Tapeworm

This is gross. The following is a video of a colonoscopy where tapeworms are found:

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Who is John Galt

Who is John Galt?

Who is John Galt?

Q: Who is John Galt?

A: John Galt is a character from Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged published in 1957. The first line in the book is “Who is John Galt?”. In the novel he forms a secret strime against the “Motor of the World”

John Galt is also a 19th century Scottish novelist.

In Atlas Shrugged

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Lionbridge Jobs

Lionbridge – Good Job or Scam?

Lionbridge Jobs

Is Lionbridge a scam or good job?

 Here is my experience with my Lionbridge job. I worked for Lionbridge as a Quality Rater for almost 4 months in 2010. To get accepted as a Lionbridge Quality Rater, I had to study a manual (in PDF format) and then take 2 tests. So I studied over the course of a week for approximately 25 hours. I then took the tests and passed both and was accepted as a Quality Rater.

The Lionbridge Quality Rater job consisted of many different types of rating tasks. Each type of rating task required a new PDF manual to read and study. This took much of my time, in which I did NOT get paid for but I didn’t care because I just wanted to learn and do a good job.

In the beginning I had a 30-day grace period. This grace period meant that Lionbridge allows their new Quality Raters to be less productive than experienced Quality Raters. I spent almost half of my time with Lionbridge studying the new PDF manuals and each week there were a couple more PDF manuals to study.

In the Lionbridge policies it states that each Quality Rater will receive a star-rating (out of 5 stars) each month. Any Quality Rater that receives a 2 star rating twice in a six moth period will be terminated. I did not want to be terminated so I kept studying and kept getting better at the Quality Rating process. I also kept waiting for my star-rating from the Lionbridge big-wigs. It took over 2 months before I finally got a 3-star rating. I said to myself “At least it’s not a 2-star, that would be bad”. I felt my Quality Rating skills improving over the next month and was confident that my next star rating would be at least a four but I never received another star rating. However, I received a termination notice about a month and a half later without warning.

I was very upset at this point because I wasted a lot of time reading many PDF manuals. Plus, I WAS NOT THE ONLY PERSON THIS HAPPENED TOO, I personally knew 5 other people, who are very intelligent, that had this exact same experience. We all received a termination notice without warning.

In conclusion:

Lionbridge is NOT a scam, they do pay on time BUT it is NOT a good job because they did not care about wasting my time. The job paid $14.50 per hour but after some calculation it turns out that I earned about $7 to $9 per hour. However, I knew that much of my time was going toward studying the PDF manuals but I also thought I was investing this time for long term employment with Lionbridge. BIG MISTAKE. Lionbridge is a dirty company that does not follow their own written policies and they did not care about wasting my time.

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Picture of Bush and Obama Hugging.


This is a great moment in time, Bush and Obama hugging will never happen again.
But this is what the world needs…Hug it out bitch.

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World of Warcraft – Cataclysm Video Game Trailer

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

Video Game Trailer

World of Warcraft Cataclysm is one of the most exciting video games to come out. WoW has time and time again blown away their fans. The Cataclysm is upon us!!

Cataclysm is upon us!

Level from 1-85 now with the fastest, most feature rich, lowest priced leveling guides in the world.

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Lesbionic woman

Lesbionic Woman – Mad TV

The Lesbionic Woman synopsis

Jamie Summers led a normal life until the crash of her car. To be saved, many of her parts had to be replaced and she became The Lesbionic Woman. Mad TV knows how to make me laugh, pretty hilarious.

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